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Fits Taurus GX4

IWB Kydex, Conceal Carry Holster, Appendix or Strong-side carry, Right-hand, Black Kydex


This is Index Point Holster company's custom molded Kydex IWB (Inside the Waist Band) conceal carry holster for the Taurus GX4, 9mm.  Index Point Holsters are molded with outstanding Kydex definition with 100% of the trigger guard covered and protected.  Index Point Holsters feature spring steel belt clips which are considerably stronger than Kydex or injection molded belt clips, ensuring long lasting durability and secure fit.  The belt clips will accommodate belts up to 1-1/2 in.  An adjustable retention point lets you dial in the amount of retention you want for your firearm, giving you that distinct Kydex click when re-holstering.

These are lightweight, low profile holsters that can be worn on your strong-side, or in the ever popular appendix carry style.  These holsters are made from flexible and very durable .080 Kydex.  If you chose to update your factory sights, there is ample room along the spine of the holster to accommodate taller front sights.  During construction a small clearance is provided near the slide serrations.  This clearance is provided so that if you choose to add grip tape to your slide, the tape will not contact and scuff the inside of your holster.  Yep, we pay attention to those kinds of details.  For a little functional bling, the holsters edges are sanded and polished to a smooth satin finish.  In addition, we offer color matched silicone rubber retention grommets and belt clip grommets (multiple colors to choose from).  These holsters are designed for EDC (Every Day Carry), though we have many LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) customers.  I use these holsters for my personal EDC option.  I put that much trust in my product.  I hope you will too.


- Hundreds of holsters sold - 

We offer free shipping within the United States and Canada.
However, we cannot offer free shipping to international destinations.  International shipping charges must be billed to the customer.

- Firearm and ammo are not included in this sale -

If you have any questions about these holsters, please send me a message. 


·         Fits Taurus GX4
·         Adjustable Retention
·         Adjustable Cant
·         Positive click when re-holstering
·         100% trigger guard coverage
·         Metal belt clip with adjustable cant
·         Fits belts up to 1-1/2in
·         High definition molding for an exact fit 
·         Durable .080 Kydex
·         Right-hand only
·         Black oxide coated metal fasteners
·         With or without sweat guard (you choose)

Holster for Taurus, GX4, 9mm, IWB


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