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About Us

Hi, my name is Greg, I am the owner of Index Point Holsters.  We are makers of hand-crafted Kydex concealed carry holsters.  Index Point Holsters are designed and produced proudly in the USA.  Our design philosophy is minimal material for maximum comfort for the wearer.  At Index Point Holsters, we use the finest quality .080 Kydex for our holsters. In our molding process, we use ultra-high detailed, and dimensionally accurate molding props (not blue guns).  Our vacuum-forming process produces extremely high-definition holsters.  This means holsters that are perfectly fitted to your firearm.  We feature spring steel belt clips, ensuring long-lasting durability and secure fit to your properly designed conceal carry belt (For best results, belts designed for conceal carry are recommended).  Index Point Holsters feature adjustable retention points.  This feature lets you dial in the precise amount of retention you prefer for your firearm and gives you that distinctive and reassuring Kydex click when re-holstering.  Index Point Holsters can be worn comfortably all day long. 

The design features of Index Point Holsters address the comfort needs for strong side carry, or the increasingly popular appendix carry style.  We feature extra tall sight channels.  Many people prefer to change the sights on their firearms.  With our taller sight channel, you can be confident that the updated sight will not snag on the holster.  During construction, a small clearance is added around the slide serrations.  This is done to accommodate the addition of grip tape or enhanced slide serrations.  The added clearance prevents the tape or enhanced serrations from contacting and potentially scuffing the inside of your holster.  Yep, we pay attention to those kinds of details. If your firearm is bone stock, our holsters will fit perfectly.  For a little functional bling, our holsters' edges are wet-sanded and polished to a smooth satin finish.  Index Point Holsters are designed for EDC (Every Day Carry). We have many LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) customers.  We put that much trust in our products. We hope you will too.

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