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Product Overview

Functional Design

Index Point Holsters are built with firearm enhancements in mind.  We include clearance around the slide serrations for grip tape or serration upgrades. Tall sight channels are designed to accommodate aftermarket sights.

Great Materials

Index Point Holsters are made from .080 Kydex.  This heavier material enhances the structure and durability,  visual lines, holster definition, increased comfort, and wearability for long periods.

High Definition

High-definition molding practices mean excellent holster fit around your firearm. Not only is this an aesthetic issue, but it means more protection for your firearm.  

Sweat Guard

The sweat guard protects your body from the firearm and protects the firearm from body moisture. If you add grip tape or enhanced serrations to your slide, the sweat guard is something you may want to consider.

Low Profile

The low profile means lightweight, low drag, minimalist design for excellent concealability and comfort, especially for the popular appendix carry style.

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